Why should your company invest in business etiquette training?

Why Business Etiquette Training?

It is just good business for your employees to know proper business etiquette, from the smallest company to the largest. Why take the chance of losing a sale just because someone failed to follow standard protocol in the business world? Business etiquette includes much more than how to give a proper handshake or knowing which fork to pick up next at the dinner table.

Business etiquette includes knowing how to act in an interview, how to introduce clients to your peers at work, understanding the pecking order in the company and knowing how to defer to your manager or boss at work or in social events. It is also being sensitive to the culture of the clients you are pursuing, when to write a thank you note, and being a savvy business traveler.

Do not think for one minute your actions at work or at social events are not being noticed.

Technology may rule but it is people to people contact that gets the job done or wins the big sale. With proper business etiquette training, you can be assured that your employees will show the respect to potential clients that they deserve. Having business etiquette training will set your company apart from those that do not have it, and it may be the clincher that gets the sale.

A company should never assume that an employee will know what to do in various business or social settings. Lack of proper protocol could be a turn off to a potential client and thus much time and effort and money has been wasted. Do not take that chance; get the proper business etiquette training for you and your employees.


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